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IT Doctors consultants have been associated with Information technology since 1989. We now specialise in website security - protecting websites and website data from unauthorized access.

Do you have responsibility for a website where code and data are vulnerable to attack from malicious hackers? Does your website email get an inordinate amount of spam that also affects your customers/members email addresses?

You may not be aware of the vulnerabilities but around 70% of all websites particularly older sites that have not been updated recently are likely to faciliate SQL Injection and XSS(cross site scripting) where databases are accessed and your confidential data is compromised.

Our service is ideally suited to small/medium sized websites with mature fixed code. Specialising in this area allows us to offer a guaranteed service for an affordable price.

We can offer tiers of service - scan and document vulnerability, recommend action to end vulnerability, code the changes required and offer a 12 month guarantee against attack.

IT Doctors look forward to doing business with you.

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