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Sample VSE Assembler Code

Sample code for the tranfer of data between CMS and VSE without use of FTP or other commercial solutions. This was written for a customer to save the costs of commercial software.

The programs themselves are complete but do not include DDGET and DDPUT source. These programs convert between the variable length I/O area and card images in CMS DISK DUMP format. REXX execs which generate the required jcl from file data in a control file stored in CMS have also been written.

The programs are designed for sequential datasets but the EXECS mentioned above include the required IDCAMS parameters to support ESDS KSDS and RRDS.

IT Doctors can supply the code modules

You are welcome to use the mainline code and write your own subroutines. There does not appear to be any documentation on the data formats and there are one or two pitfalls...



MVS Sample Assembler Code

Here are some more sample assember routines.
These samples were provided by Edward Soto who can be contacted by email at should you be looking for some assistance with legacy assembler code.

MERG999 MVS - Merge up to 999 files

Search routines A couple of re-entrant search routines

Date conversion routines Seven re-entrant date conversion routines

Data conversion routines Re-entrant bit-byte and byte-bit conversion routines

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