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At IT Doctors we are proud to be associated with the tradition of mainframe programming and are keen to raise peoples awareness of the important role it still plays in Information Technology, after more than forty years.

The age and stability of most mainframe hardware and software limits changes and gives it a low profile. The core functions it performs are taken for granted as they are mainly background tasks that are unseen by users. The mainframe has lost its prominence in modern programming and we will continue to do our best to redress this.

We consider the mainframe to be the backbone of technology and are eager for its merits to be appreciated by a wider audience, particularly students and professionals embarking on an information technology related career.

The examples are a small selection of code owned by IT Doctors or from the public domain. We are unable to publish any code we develop for our clients, which precludes us from sharing 99.9% of our work with you - sorry.

About the samples

A typical example of the type of Cobol program in many mature installations.

A sample of a typical PL/I program

IBM Assembler
Some sample assembler programs and subroutines for both MVS and VSE

VM Rexx (for VM/VSE environment).
Execs to add code to Cobol programs to analyse coverage during testing.

TSO Rexx
CLIST and Panel for IDMS users. Calls IDMSCALC to show target page for specified key (supports hex).

A language available only with CA-IDMS. This sample code simply gives a flavour of the language.

IDMS Security
Some programs to disassemble RHDCSRTT

IDMS Journal DateStamps
Conversion to and from "normal" date and time

Download zipped assembler and rexx samples.

Download zipped Edward Soto assembler samples.

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