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Disassembling RHDCSRTT

This code was written by Paul H. McRoberts.
The text below is his covering eMail.
Please address any queries to the emails given.
Zipped code

I have included 5 files.  Two are the source code, one sample
compile JCL (Use your own ), the sample output and a sample UCF
batch that shows the program and task definitions I use.

One other feature that is handy if you want to validate the program(s).
1. It is set up to use a 4 character task code - SRTT.
2. The program looks for input after the task code.
3. It looks for an eight character load module name.
4. If one is not provided it references RHDCSRTT.
5. You can assemble and link a different SRTT under any other eight
   character name.
6. Put in the commands you want to test / check.
7. Use DCMT VDP to register the new load module
8. Use the utility to decompile so you can compare the output to your input WITHOUT impacting your system. Note: There are entries that are created by the macros automatically. It doesn't hurt to run them in. IDMSCOMP and IDMSDCOM are automatically unsecured. Write or call if you have any questions. Good luck. Paul H. McRoberts Senior Consultant CA Federal Services Division CA email and telephone numbers Email: Telephone: (703)709-4778 INS (Onsite: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday) Email: Telephone: (202)616-7533

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